Joy is a real fashionista and a world traveler. Joy likes to see the whole world and is excited about all the beautiful details on earth. During her shopping trips she likes to take pictures of the most striking and beautiful buildings. She likes to experience the local traditions and customs. Together with her cat Fun and her nephew Happy, she shops from place to place, where she meets various locals such as Lucky, Crazy and Proud.

Fun is always grumpy but faithfully follows his boss around worldwide. Fun has something with flags and goes there (on request with fresh reluctance) on the photo. Happy is a cheerful toddler and the nephew of Joy. He often travels with his aunt and loves to be seen dress up in all kinds of themes of the specific country, place or region. Lucky is a sweet seal who likes to play with his ball on the beach. Crazy the cow is always happy and a little silly. She likes to walk from the meadow into the city to experience the party of life. Proud is a cheerful Unicorn who radiates love for everyone.